• Documentation/Technical Writing
    A sampling of documents I've written (in their entirety)--using standard word-processing programs (Microsoft Word and Apple Pages).
    • Symantec Web Security 3.0 Deployment Guide
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      A Deployment Guide was developed in response to customer questions on how to optimally deploy Symantec Web Security (a proxy-server based content and virus filter) in their networks. Unlike a standard Implementation Guide (which had been the only document included with the product), the Deployment Guide was meant to provide a broader perspective on the product--providing best practices, for example, about where to locate and how to size the servers that would be running the software. As a result, it turned out to be a popular resource for customers and Symantec system engineers alike.

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      Download the entire document (304 KB PDF).
    • VGRID User’s Guide
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      VGRID is the grid-generation component of the TetrUSS Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) package developed by NASA Langley Research Center. Despite having been in wide use since the mid-90s, this was the first formal User Guide ever written for VGRID; the document was created specifically for the TetrUSS training classes that were developed (and continue to be offered) by the ViGYAN CFD Lab.

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    • ViGYAN SimpleView User’s Guide
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      SimpleView is a visualization program that allows users of the TetrUSS Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) package to view and troubleshoot the geometry discretization (i.e., the unstructured grid), as well as visualize details of the computed flowfields. It is one of the products developed by the ViGYAN CFD Lab, and is used extensively during the TetrUSS training classes conducted by the lab. SimpleView has also become one of the tools of choice among members of the TetrUSS user community.

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  • Training/Tutorial Videos
    In addition to User Guides, tutorial videos were also created as part of the material developed for the ViGYAN TetrUSS training program. Given the especially graphical and interactive nature of the computer programs comprising much of the TetrUSS software, the videos provide very natural reference resources--users follow along as the procedures for performing key operations are demonstrated.

    This video was created using Ambrosia Software's SnapzProX (for screen-capture), as well as Apple's Compressor software (part of Final Cut Studio, used in custom encoding of the video for different media). Subsequent videos were also created using Telestream’s versatile ScreenFlow software.

    Click on the thumbnail image to view a low-resolution version of a representative TetrUSS tutorial video.

  • I had the privilege of working with Javier on a major medical electronic device development program that involved the management of multiple outside teams of specialists, internal teams, the FDA process, and ramp up to production. The device, the ivWatch Model 400 infiltration and extravasation monitor, has cleared FDA and has a great deal of buzz as it is launching. Javier has a detailed and methodical approach to qualifying resources and managing programs. He works well under pressure and was a pleasure to work with.

  • Javier provided me training and on going technical support for the TetrUSS CFD system from 2006 through early 2008. I was immediately impressed by his friendliness and positive attitude. He obviously enjoyed teaching this extremely technical material and his communications skills are excellent; far better than I had ever seen for something so specialized. He also developed extremely well written technical documentation and training materials that I still refer to on a regular basis. His technical phone support was always prompt, friendly and well communicated. If Javier didn't know the answer himself, he would talk to the experts and get back to me quickly with an easy to understand explanation. I can strongly recommend Javier for any position that requires communicating complete or technical concepts to others.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working with Javier at Symantec. At the time, I had a sales focus on the product that he managed. Not only was he a dream as a technical resource, but he was equally as amazing when speaking with customers. Javier is brilliant, and picks up technology faster than anyone I have met. This talent combined with his exceptional customer facing personality makes him a huge asset to any organization. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Javier again.

  • I worked with Javier at Symantec for about four years, as he rose from a sales engineer to a product manager. His background as a former developer made him more knowledgable of technical issues than a typical product manager. He was keenly aware of customer needs, and helped us make our products top-notch, and well-placed in the market. I have since found him to be a real guru on all things Macintosh, and I regularly consult him when I need advice on Mac issues, or web design in general. I would be grateful for any opportunity to work with Javier again, in either a technical or a business capacity.